What Are Some of the Symptoms and Causes of Lower Back Pain?


What Are Some of the Symptoms and Causes of Lower Back Pain?

One may not be aware of it, but lower back pain is a very common issue that a lot of people face on a day to day basis.

Though lower back pain is not a disease in itself, it can be classified as a symptom of some or the other underlying problem. More often than not, lower back pain is not a serious issue, but it is always better to have a doctor have it looked at. But how does one know if it is lower back pain that you might be facing?

Have a look at some of the main symptoms of lower back pain.


One of the most obvious symptoms of Lower Back Pain is a pain in the lower end of your back on a frequent basis.

The chances of the lower back pain also radiating onto the front, side or even the back portion of the legs are always there.

If you are someone who is active, then the chances are that the lower back pain will worsen.

It is of absolute importance to keep getting up and walking after sitting down for a few hours. Lower back pain tends to get worse with prolonged sitting or even during night time.

If you are also numbness in the legs, then the chances are that you are suffering from lower back pain.

Main Causes:

There might be many causes that could have resulted in the occurrence of lower back pain in your body. Here are a few listed below and how they can be treated;


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Of the many things that could be causing lower back pain in people, one is an impact or injury to the area.This impact could be the result of situations like having fallen down, an accident of any sort or even a sports injury that one might have sustained. As a result of the impact, the back could be suffering from pain.

Any back pain that occurs, it more often than not occurs quite soon after an injury or impact.

Treatment for such injuries or impacts will basically depend on the severity of the injury. If its a minor impact or injury, then more often than not, the pain can easily be treated at home. However, opoids painkillers if it is a severe issue then one needs to pay a visit to the doctor.

2. Infections

Spinal infections, though not very common can also be one of the main reasons for lower back issues. If one is having an infection in one part of the body, then it might end up traveling to the spine, causing an infection there.This could also happen post an injury or a spinal surgery.

If you are having a fever, chill, swelling, less sensation in legs along with lower back pain, then it is always good to visit a doctor since you may be having a spinal infection.


If it is the sort of pain where it also ends up affecting your buttocks and legs, then the chances of you suffering from Sciatica are there. Essentially this is what happens when the sciatica nerve ends up getting compressed whcih could be a result of a ruptured disc as well.

Like other health issues, if the symptoms are not too severe then sciatica better by using ice packs, and OTC medications.

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