Earnings on streams. How much do streamers earn


Earnings on streams. How much do streamers earn

Today, streaming (live broadcasts, most often gaming) is not just fashionable and popular — it is one of the ways to make money. Naturally for those who have their own audience. After all, earnings come at the expense of a large number of people. Let’s talk about how realistic it is for you and how much the representatives of this business get in our country.

How streamers make money

Channel owners with their audience have several ways to make money. Briefly about each:

Advertising from an affiliate program. Services such as Twitch and YouTube, which are basic for all streamers, are willing to pay you by including their ads in your streams. The more people watch the ad, the more money you get from it. But now more and more people are blocking ads by various means, so the income from affiliate sites is small.

Advertising of other affiliate programs. This advertising is no longer provided by the platforms. There are many sites that are willing to pay you if your audience sees their ads and buys something. Not the most popular way, membuat-uang.xyz because users react with dissatisfaction to large volumes of ads, and you start to lose your audience.

Donates. The most popular way among those who make entertaining content and have a large audience. In this case, donations (donations) are paid by the viewers of the channel at their own request.

Subscriptions. In the west, a very popular way. The bottom line is that for a paid subscription to the channel, the user gets something original and unique (for example, a set of unique emoticons).

Sponsorship programs. It is very similar to affiliate networks, only a special advertising space is bought on which advertising is displayed throughout the broadcast. Like banners on the sides of a football field during a match.

Native advertising. You make this advertisement right during the stream. As practice shows, direct advertising has a bad effect on everything. Nobody buys anything, lmal.org.uk and the subscribers don’t like such clumsiness. Therefore, the more interesting you are to include almost hidden advertising in your stream, the more «profit» will be from this.

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