Ball Check Valves


Ball Check Valves

A ball check valve is a sealed, miniature mechanical device that controls the flow of a fluid through a small valve stem enabling it to either open or shut according to the need. Ball valves are very common in plumbing applications including the drinking water system of homes and the domestic drinking water distribution of large commercial facilities and industries. These types of valves can be made from different materials including steel, iron, copper, brass, stainless steel, and other types of metal. They are designed to serve specific purposes and come with different features depending on their use. If you cherished this article and you simply would like to obtain more info concerning Our Home Page generously visit our page. There are even ball check valves, which are designed to regulate the production of steam through the water pipe fittings. There are also ball check valves which are used to control the amount of water coming through the faucets in showers and baths.

The ball check valve is used to turn off the main water supply in the house when there is no flow in the main line. This is usually done when the house is undergoing construction or refurbishment. A normal sized ball check valve will have an opening at its end for attaching to the pipe fittings and another valve similar in size will be provided for controlling the amount of water which flows through the valve stem. The stem is designed to close upon intake of water and to open upon discharge of the water, thereby preventing the accumulation of deposits in the pipe.

These valves are available in many sizes to suit the various water systems and plumbing fittings used in homes. The basic valve body may be made of different materials including brass, bronze, copper and even stainless steel. The body of these valves may be made of metal or plastic and may also incorporate various features like electronic control signal, push button, temperature sensor, manual control signal etc. Some of these valves can even be controlled via a computer.

The basic functioning of ball check valves consists of a housing having an inner tube and an outer tube. The inner tube has a flexible rubber seal and is inserted into the valve body. The outer tube is fitted with a ball which has a tapered body. The ball is forced into the rubber seal by a flexible spring and once inside the valve, it seals tightly and holds the ball in place. The spring also enables the valve to open and closes automatically.

The ball check valve is normally fixed on the wall near the point from which water is supplied. It is called as vertical check valve because the seal between the ball and the valve faces up. Horizontal check valves do not have rubber seals and are therefore termed as horizontal ball check valve. There are some types of horizontal ball check valves which are fitted with rotary vane blocks. These blocks hold the ball in position and enable the valve to open and close automatically.

Ball check valves are available in a wide range of sizes and designs. The material used to manufacture them is usually steel or brass. There are many advantages associated with ball check valves and hence they are used widely. Most industries use them. However, they are also used in some areas as an effective control device for controlling the water supply.

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